A simple file upload using Python’s Flask framework

  What is Flask? Flask is a micro web framework written using Python language, it uses Jinja for templating. Flask is very easy to get started with few lines of code. Installing Flask Create a folder where you want to have this app(Example: D:\flaskwebapp). Open the terminal window and CD to the created folder, run

React Minimal – Boilerplate

  React minimal is a simple boilerplate code to get started with React JS development using ES6. This boilerplate code is using Babel to transpile the ES 6 code to ES 5 and WebPack for bundling. Tools used: ES 6 for better modularity and component based approaches. Babel to convert the ES 6 code. Webpack

module design pattern

JavaScript Module pattern

  JavaScript module pattern is the one to start, if you are new to JavaScript design patterns. It’s very easy to build a module pattern with a closure and a self-invoking aka IIFE function. This pattern can be written using a normal function or function expression, in this article, we are going to use a

Configuring Python as CGI script using Xampp

It’s very easy to configure Python as a CGI script using XAMPP server. To configure Python as CGI, follow the below steps. Open your apache configuration file Search for: this line AddHandler cgi-script .cgi .pl .asp add .py extension at the end of this line (AddHandler cgi-script .cgi .pl .asp .py) Restart your apache server

The Comma Operator in JavaScript

The comma operator will execute the series of expressions and returns the last one. Let’s look at the below functions “print_hello()”, “print_world()” and “print_js()”. View the code on Gist. This code:

will execute all the three functions and returns the value of “print_js()” to the variable output.


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