PHP Multiple Inheritance using Traits

The problem of multiple inheritances in PHP will occur when two classes are having same method. This can be avoided using “traits”. This feature is available from PHP version 5.4.0 Simple Multiple Inheritance using Traits:


PHP Interface

PHP’s interface is very useful when you want to implement common functionalities in all the classes which implements interface. Which is a workaround for multiple inheritance in PHP. This is very useful when you don’t know what the member methods body will have inside. PHP multiple inheritance using Interface: Here we are going to make

PHP OOP – Class example

Like other programming languages, PHP is also support Object Oriented Programming with Overloading, Data Abstraction and Encapsulation etc. The latest version of PHP supports Namespaces which is similar to “Package” concept in Java. A simple PHP Class:


Cool HTML 5 Features

No more lengthy DOCTYPE declarations, just one line is enough:

More semantic HTML tags such as <section>, <header>, <meter>, <nav>,  <footer> and <progress> etc… More form controls such as: color picker, calendar, sliders, number and tel etc.. Multimedia elements for audio and video Useful APIs such as Geolocation, App Cache, SSE, Local Storage and

Must use WordPress plugins

WordPress Database Backup This simple WordPress backup plugin will help us to take the WordPress database backup. This plugin has an option to schedule the db backup task and option to save the backup in the server and send to email. All In One SEO Pack The “All in one seo pack” plugin will help

Top 5 Drupal 7 travel themes

Bed & Breakfast This “Bed and Breakfast” Drupal 7 lightweight theme is ideal for online hotel booking websites. This theme is also comes with an installable distribution. The theme is having different set of content types for all the hotel business needs such as “Room information”, “Room Offer”, “Testimonial” and “FAQ” etc. This theme is

PHP 5.6.7 is ready to download

The PHP dev team has announced the release of PHP version 5.6.7, which has many bug fixes for ZIP lib, SOAP, SPL, PGSQL, OpenSSL, Opcache, FPM, ODBC, Curl,  CGI and CLI. The following bugs are fixed in PHP 5.6.7: ZIP Integer Overflow __call() method confusion in SoapClient through unserialize() function Storing infinite values in pg_update()


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